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Clinical Neuroplasticity for Babies

Connectivity - (8hrs) includes manual

Appropriate for any Therapist dealing with Neuroplasticity in Clinical Settings - No pre-requisites

Includes learning:
 - To recognise the neurological difficulties in the brain via posture & movement
 - To evaluate neural maturity and clinical connectivity

 - To know where to begin and why

 - The role of Body Schema and how to develop & grade it

 - To set up home programmes and caregiver activities
 - Experience creating neural connections to and thru the:
                Brain Stem
                Basal Ganglia

      using principles established by Brunnstrom, Bobath and Rood

Additional 5th day with Dr Alison Hazelbaker for both the California Class and the Bluffton NC Class

Primitive Reflex Essentials IV - Suck Swallow Breathe (8 hrs) taught by Dr Alison Hazelbaker
Appropriate for any Therapist dealing with Neuroplasticity in Clinical Settings Prerequisites: PRE-III
Course Objectives:
✓ The anatomy and physiology of infant suck-swallow-breathe coordination,
✓ Functional and dysfunctional suck evaluation
✓ Treatment of sucking dysfunction using the reflex components covered in PRE I-II-III

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Primitive Reflex Essentials - Conception to Crawling I

Flexion and Extension part 1  - 9 hrs, incl. manuals              Prerequisites: CNB or FCN 

Appropriate for any Therapist dealing with Neuroplasticity in Clinical Settings

 - The surface anatomy points you need to be able to identify dysfunction
 - Practical application on self/partner/ baby doll
 - What normal tone looks like – how it shows up in the position of the bones
 - How to establish 3 initial midlines and why this is important to understand and know the patterns
 - Bring in & use – Hands Pulling Reflex / Initial Grasp Reflex
            - Use 2 other new methods
            - Tie this into Sutherland’s Fulcrum, the Anterior / Posterior postural lines
            - Tie in to head control
            - See a live demo of what this looks like
 - Establishing head control – practical methods
 - Understanding the Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex on the belly and the back
 - How to bring in Landau
 - Why this is developmentally important
 - Practice 4 ways to bring this in
 - Live demo

Cost: $285

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Cost: $285

Early Bird: $245

Registration only: $150

5 day class............

Cost: $1155

Early Bird: $1055

Registration only: $150

CNB and Primitive Reflex Essentials I, II & III

                                            - Conception to Crawling 

This is a four-day Intensive class covering HANDS-ON, EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING in Neuroplasticity. You will learn the first steps of creating Neuroplastic cascades -  establishing connectivity - throughout the body and then building the neural nets in the Brain Stem, Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia using techniques established by developmental therapists. 

Including Reflex Emergence, Integration, Trauma Release and non-invasive developmental techniques that improve, restore or optimize function.  

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Some of these classes can be taken on their own, others have pre-requesites. The classes can be taken in combo.