Learn how to use the extremely effective techniques used in this clinic, at your own clinic. Classes are geared toward therapists who want indepth knowlegde on how to grow neural pathways and use the neuroplasticity research in clinical settings.

Classes for Treating Early Intervention: - Babies thru 3 years old:
  1. Clinical Neuroplasticity for Babies (CNB) - Connectivity
  2. Primitive Reflex Essentials for Babies I - Flexion & Extension part 1
  3. Primitive Reflex Essentials for Babies II - Extension part 2 and dealing with Tendon Guard
  4. Primitive Reflex Essentials or Babies III - Rotation for latching and mobility

Classes for Treating Older Children and Adults:
  1. Foundations for Clinical Neuroplasticity -  Connectivity, Neural Nets, safety
  2. Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults Il -  Flexion and dealing with Tendon Guard in brief
  3. Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults IlI - Extension and dealing with Tendon Guard 
  4. Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults IV - Rotation for mobility, Torticollis and structural impairments
  5. Advanced Tendon Guard 
  6. Enmeshment and the art of knowing what you are looking at
  7. Motor Based Grasp and Skill Development influencing handwriting
Attend one of our free classes explaining different aspects of how brains work and what causes glitches, behaviours and conflict. Click here to browse current listings.

I have set this up to work on a sliding scale so that everyone can win: 14 Students is the magic number. 16 -18 feels good and 17 gets a free host seat. If you think you have 24 students the cost is dramatically less.


Maxine was able to capture my attention and keep my focus for four intensive days through hands on learning, useful handouts and clarifying information that was presented thoroughly and in a meaningful manner. Her expansive knowledge base allows her to answer any and all questions in depth. Not once did I feel restless or feel that my time was wasted.

Tiffany U. OTR/L

Hilton Head / Bluffton SC


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