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Clinically, I have found that without addressing each of the influencing factors, progress can stall. Each of the 5 components has the ability to incorporate any number of protocols that the clinician deems appropriate. Using this way of thinking about influencing neuroplasticity in clinical situations, is the most powerful I have ever used.

The process allows for the development and expression of the highest form of maturity possible. It establishes choice and decreases obligatory response patterns, allowing for self actualization without pretense.

The Underpinning thoughts and research

The Haller Method for Influencing Neuroplasticity

Growing Brain Connections:

There is no one protocol that currently addresses all the components of the complexity of the human brain and the uniqueness that human individualization brings.
Each piece of the brain is dependent on, and influenced by the others, all of which function best in an environment of safety. At the core is the ability of the multiple pieces of the brain and the person to connect to each other.
I want to emphasis that this is a clinical model of approaching and re-establishing a highly complex and individualized system. It is a way of thinking about the things that influence presence and engagement. The model is at its most complete at this time - but that does not mean it will not evolve.