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The Sensory Motor Program FAQ

  • We start with an evaluation of the childs skill level. We do the whole program and linger where there is difficulty, and fly through the mastered tasks.

  • Sessions are 2x a week for 50 minutes each - there are options for which days. Evening times are available.

  • The whole program is 6 months long and most times parents see evident changes at the 3 month mark. If we are not seeing the changes we expect by 2 months - we will discuss this - as there are children who need more indepth interventions than this program.

  • Training is individualised and with a personal trainer that the child will get to know (no rotation). The child should know that very precise instructions will be given and that mastering those are what determines competnecy.

  • This program is designed for chilren ages 5 though 12 who are struggling with co-odination in all sorts of ways. It fills many of the gaps in their sensory motor system

  • There are 4 make up sessions available over the 6 month period - 1 per 6 weeks of class.

  • The cost is $600 per month and the commitment we ask is to do 2 months at least. That will give you the best chance of seeing results.

Sensory Motor Program

In our Sensory Motor Program, a personal coach will guide each student through an intensive one-on-two program designed to train the sensorimotor system in balance, coordination, rhythm, sequencing, mindfulness and focus/attention. The activities and body exercises strengthen thinking and sequencing abilities that prepare the brain to learn. The result is that students improve reading and comprehension levels, math scores, better grades and show improved behavior. 

If a child’s vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual, and auditory systems have not developed properly, they will fail to support the child’s attempts to learn academic work, sit still, pay attention, complete tasks, and learn appropriate social behaviors. Current brain research shows movement is the key to rewiring and integrating brain and body functions for improved learning outcomes.

This is different to the Individualised Occupational Therapy Programs we offer, in that the exercises are already part of a set curriculum. The goals include consolidating the progress made in the indivulalised OT sessions and providing an way for kids that just need a little help to have access to it.
If children start with this program (not having done OT) and we find that they are not managing to make the progress that they should be, more intense interventions may be necessary and since we have that available through OT, we will make the appropriate referral.