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Rhythmic Movement Training

What is Rhythmmic Movement Training?

At Cardinal Capers we have intergrated several Primitive Reflex Integration Methods into the way we treat. It is an integral part of how we grow brain connections. RMTi has several easy to learn movements that can be done at home so that the more complicated re-wiring can be done at the office. We expect clients to do up to 15 minutes of directed movement at home as part of the treatment plan. We have found that the more clients are compliant with this, the faster and more sure the progress.

Rhythmic Movement Training is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration program that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges for children and adults.

Cardinal Capers and RMTi

"RMTi is based on the work of Kerstin Linde, a Swedish movement training specialist, who developed movements based on her observations of how infants are meant to move.  

​The movements in Rhythmic Movement Training International are based on replicating the movements that infants naturally make. In pure RMTi sessions we work at using these movements to integrate the reflexes so that learning, communication, behaviour, emotional and general well-being can be given the opportunity to be accessed and developed.

Licensed RMTi Consultants either use RMTi movement and integration techniques by themselves or can use these movements in conjunction with other techniques and modalities. There is usually an assessment of the active reflexes, and then a series of activities given to help the system change from stressed posture to a more natural and easy way of moving. This promotion of easy learning and whole brain-body development has been effective with people all over the world. There have been many instances of positive shifts and change as these reflexes integrate and we form a proper basis for moving and learning.

The movements are easy to learn and parents find that they are straightforward to use at home. Children like them and find them beneficial. Adults also find them easy to remember to do."