Using, and training, the haller method for influencing neuroplasticity

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic

Quantum Reflex Integration

A note about how really good cold laser light is for the body  

Quantum Reflex Integration combines sound (harmonious frequencies) and  light (Low Level Laser Therapy) to revolutionize the way reflexes are integrated.  The laser is classed as a class 3R and is safe when handled according to protocols. (for more info on the classification click here.) Cold lasers  are combined with the integration of primitive reflex patterns and improvements are seen in cognition, behavior, emotional stability, and movement. Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI) uses harmonic laser frequencies for each reflex and  acupoint. Eye tracking, eye-hand coordination, hand strength and grasping, as well as movement, are often visibly improved in 2 – 3 sessions. 

The laser is applied on specific acu-points points determind by Bonnie Brandes and the protocols established by her are followed in our clinic in all Tier One (non-therapist directed) interventions. Should any individualisation of the prgram need to impletments, an Occupational Therapist will make the specific changes after an evaluation,.

The laser's characteristics are as follows:

  • Monochromatic (a single wavelength in the 635 to 970 nm range)

  • Coherent (traveling in a straight line)

  • Wavelengths are in the red and infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum

  • Low power (10 to 7,500 mw)

The beam may penetrate as deep as two inches into the body, producing photochemical effects that promote natural healing.  One of the primary actions is on mitochondrial production of ATP, a crucial component of energy in cells.

Quantum Reflex Integration re-patterning techniques, begin a reorganization of nerve net pathways to improve the rapidity and efficiency of neurological connections.  

Cold Laser use in the USA has been recent. In Europe this has been a go to for a very long time already. There is lots of research, and as I find it I will put it here, related the ability for laser to decrease inflamation. In many of the children who benefit from QRI, there are components of inflamation in many parts of their little bodies. Their guts are often all out of sorts and their brains are flooded with inflammatory components.

This is a link to an article that gives some of the nitty bitty details for those of you who want that information.

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