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- training the skills for living and learning

Is your child failing to reach their full potential? Are they behind their peers? It might not be by a lot, but small difficulties early on disadvantage your kid and leave them feeling like failures. This sense of underachievement, or feeling mediocre will follow them through their school years but it’s relatively easy to fix.  Call us for a free 20-minute consultation or book this appointment online.

I have more than 20 years of experience resolving this issue for my family and my clients.
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Using, and training, the Haller Method for influencing neuroplasticity

Training for Occupational Therapists

Does your kid have meltdowns... 

not just tantrums?

Every child is an individual

All children develop and grow differently, at different speeds and in different ways. No matter how they do it though, there are certain milestones that have to be hit. If your child never reaches them it can affect their ability to reach their full potential as adults. What many people don’t know is that there are exercises and techniques that fine-tune the connections between muscles and brain, strengthening both. If you want your kid to do better in school and in life, ask for an assessment. We can put any kid on a path of lifetime improvement and success. Call us for a free 20-minute consultation or book this appointment online.

Are you very worried about your child’s ability to cope? Do they struggle at home and at school? Does it impact on your interactions with them and have a detrimental effect on the whole family? We are here to help. Our rigorous one on one program has been developed specifically to support kids who really struggle and our results are second to none. Call us for a free 20-minute consultation or book this 20 min chat appointment online, we can change your child’s life and restore sanity to your family.

OT for every child

OT for quirky kids

Maxine Haller developed away to treat her own quirky son with great success. Her mantra is choice within safety. It’s a holistic way of thinking about the person that we are working with

and addresses 5 areas within the context of

a safe place:

  • Nutrition,
  • Trauma,
  • Stress Responses,
  • Connectivity and,
  • Neurological Maturity.

Because...if you only address one area, and your kid is struggling in any of the others or feels unsafe and so is on alert, you will not have a resolution that favours ease of function. It takes the whole picture to chnage a whole person.

The Haller Method has achieved stunning successes in much shorter timescales than is usual for treating a number of common problems that kids experience. Maxine and her team have turned around the lives of countless children and their families. They could do the same for you. Call for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how the Haller Method can help your child, or book an appointment.

OT for minor concerns

The Haller Method

Maxine Haller provides ​world-class OT training in the Haller Method around the country and the world. If you would like to learn more about what she does and integrate it into your practice then see the list of classes here. If you would like Maxine to provide training in your area, and you can get together a class of at least 14 students, she is happy to deliver in your town or city.

Is it taking over your life and stressing the whole family?
Is your child yelling, crying, lashing out or running away

and you can’t work out how to fix it?

The power struggle is exhausting and could be linked to how your brains are wired

 We tailor our work to exactly fit their needs. Our practice, in Fort Collins, Colorado, uses the latest in cutting-edge treatments and the Haller Method, developed by our founder, as a highly effective tool to help your child make the most of their life.

There are three main levels of treatment that can be provided for children through our beyond traditional Occupational Therapy.
1. OT for every child
Even if your child doesn’t have anything that’s giving you cause for concern, there are exercises that any child can do that will enhance their abilities - give your kid the best start in life, ask about our  Sensory Motor programme.
2. OT for children with minor concerns 
These are issues that are relatively easy to fix, especially in the early years, so if you are slightly worried, or wish your kid could have a bit of support, contact us for a free 20 minute chat where we can decide if an evaluation is the route to go. 
3. OT for quirky kids
Are you worried your child is really struggling? Everyday tasks are a battle and meltdowns are a frequent occurrence? We can help you, contact us for a discovery visit chat or book this appointment online.