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Margaret Rood:

This OT/PT pioneer made some remarkable clinical finding.Click the title for a summary page of her method and click the you tube link for a video on her approach.

Any of the 4or 5 day combo classes has a free mentoring session. At your class you will be given a code to use to be able to book these.

You can Schedule your session - via skype / zoom / what's app which ever is having the least technical difficulties at the time. You will

need to have access to the client portal for which you will need to register as a new client and have a chat with me first. 

Anyone can take advantage of the mentoring program. The cost is $195 per session for those who have not attended a class. If you have

not taken any classes, you will need to contact me so that I understand what you are looking for and how you are hoping that I can help.

Introduction to Reflexes and Reflex Integration

Click the title for a page giving some background information about what reflexes are, How they come about and what their role is. this is an overview and a grat place to start if you are new to reflexes.

Some Resources