Using, and training, the haller method for influencing neuroplasticity

Cardinal Capers

Who We Are

​We think we may be best described as the therapists who help families change their internal dynamic. Most often our clients want to have peaceful time at home, want to do homework without a struggle or a tantrum, or it taking 4 hours. They want relating to be easier, and to have the hope that one day they will know what it is like to have an empty nest.

Some just want to understand what their child is saying without the guessing, and the predicable frustration rise and the almost inevitable meltdown.

We are the therapists who have lived this in our family too. We will very seldom ask you to do what we have not had to do ourselves at some point and managed successfully. (We will never ask you to do a brushing protocol - we couldn't sustain it, how could we ever expect you to)

We understand that there is life outside of the current craziness, that there are places to go, people to meet and movies to see. That it would be wonderful to participate at parties, not fret about baby sitters, just spontaneouly go somewhere noisy, eat at any restuarant. and for there to be fun.

We help make those choices be an option. 

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