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Each person that we work with has a different level of neural maturity. In other words each person's brain has it's own signature way of doing things. We determine this signature for each child and this tells us, and you, how  the pathways in their brain have been connected and what we have to do next to link up the next piece.

             Who We Are

Cardinal Capers / KidsBainTree is an Occupational Therapy Clinic focusing on pediatric clients. It has served  Northern Colorado and Fort Collins since 2014. We provide expert individualized care to clients from birth to 12 years of age. We have another group that works older teens as well as with adults. This group uses peer mentoring as part of the process.

Our primary focus is to give your child the best interventions possible, ensuring that they meet and exceed current expectations; while sharing vital parenting-related information with you to further improve your relationship with your child. We care about every child's well-being, which is why we take the time to get to know each of our families very well.

We are therapists who help families change their internal dynamic. Most often our clients want to have a peaceful time at home, want to do homework without a struggle or a tantrum, or it taking 4 hours. They want to understand what their child is saying without the guessing and the predictable rise in frustration and the almost inevitable meltdown.

We are the therapists who have lived this in our family too. We will very seldom ask you to do what we have not had to do ourselves at some point and managed successfully. 

We understand that there is life outside of the current craziness, that there are places to go, people to meet and movies to see. That it would be wonderful to feel able to go to parties and not fret about babysitters, to just spontaneously go somewhere noisy, eat at any restaurant and for there to be fun.

We help make those choices a realistic option. 

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Our office hours are flexible and we have online appointment making which makes scheduling appointments a breeze. We have regular treatment time slots and evening hours for weekly clients. Find out more with an initial free 20 minute chat